I’m leaving Mexico tomorrow. I am really struggling with the choice to actually get in my car and drive to the airport. This is for several reasons, some of which are here:

1. The weather is amazing. It’s hot, but not humid. Like a perfect summer’s day when all you want to do is sit by a pool or at the ocean and relax with a drink and a book.
2. Per the above, the ocean is right there (at least on the coast, where I am staying). And I have not seen beaches this beautiful since Australia. The sand is so soft, and the water is warm. Not pee-warm, but warm that you don’t feel like your hoo-ha is freezing up every time you go in the water (or the ding-dong, if you’re a guy. Also if you’re a six your old and you call your private parts hoo-ha’s and ding-dongs).
3. People drive on the right side of the road. A minor detail, but if I were to permanently stay down here, it’s one less thing in the “must-learn” bucket. One less change to get used to.
4. The drinks are super cheap. A margarita is $6, a glass of wine is $4, and beer is about $3. Normally this probably isn’t a reason to live in a certain place, unless you like booze like I do 🙂 (also, see point number one – the weather calls for a drink!). And I have tried dozens of happy hours in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and most of Silicon Valley. You do not get prices like that, even at the best of happy hours, unless you are sleeping with the bartender. (I can’t say this from experience, because I have never slept with a bartender. Though there is one guy at the sports bar in Palo Alto who I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crackers).
So those are just a few of the reasons I am loathe to get on the plane and head back to the US. (One I forgot to mention: fucking Trump was elected as president. I won’t even start on what that makes me think of our electoral system, because that is another blog post entirely. And this is my last night in Mexico – I have many cocktails to consume. So another time…..)
But I was driving back in my tour bus today from Chichen Itza (a MUST SEE – so amazing what ancient civilizations were able to do). And I thought about all the people in my life who have told me to travel the world and start a blog about my experiences. I think my parents would hunt me down and kill me for squandering my very expensive college education by fucking around the globe and just writing posts here and there, but I do like travel, and I do like to rant online (anyone who is friends with me on Facebook can attest to both of these things). So, I figure what I will do is document my travels here, on my blog. And also rant, about normal shit that happens in my life (and not so normal shit, because after all, I am Becky, and I often find myself in some interesting situations).
This should hopefully be the first of many posts. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but to be fair most of what comes out of my mouth probably shocks people, so this really won’t be any different. I have never used a filter, why start now?