Did you ever watch Seinfeld? A TV show about nothing? I’m not passing judgement – that is actually how they qualified themselves in the “somethingth” season when they were writing a TV show about their life. The TV show was literally “about nothing.”


That is what this blog is about. It is about nothing. But at the same time, it’s about everything. Because what is life, if not a big ass compilation of “nothings”? I am “thirty something” and it sounds so lost, so fragile and vulnerable to the effects of everything around me. But I’ve never felt so strong in myself, my ability to take care of myself and survive. I also have never felt so fucking LOST in a lot of ways. So this is my blog, my documentation of the experiences that I am living to help me find myself…..and often experiences to help me forget the confusion I am in.


I drink. I date. I smoke (weed, sometimes). I swear, and I make inappropriate jokes. If you don’t like any of things, don’t read my blog. I’m using it as a way to expand upon the ridiculous amount of Facebook posting I do. A lot of it will be idiotic musings that no one will care about. I hope just a small fraction of it is something that people will relate to, and/or laugh at. If it achieves that, I’ll consider it a win.